Curb-Tec, Inc. invites all curb machine and curb installation questions and comments. We began as curbers we know the art and we want to share our real world knowledge. We believe the only useless question is the one not asked. For convenience, many of our Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. 

Q: How much do these machines weigh?  A: The CT 3000 weighs 1065 Lbs. The CT 900 weights 628 Lbs.

Q: What are the physical dimensions? A: The CT 3000, 70L x 32W x 34H. The CT 900, 64L x 32W x 34 H

Q: Why buy one machine over the other? A: Power and productivity is a deciding factor in any application. In short, the CT 3000 is unique in the extrusion curb machine world because it is the fastest, most user friendly, curb machine on the market. 

Q: Can these machines get flat tires?   A: No, all tires are extra high density urethane, and do not contain any gas. As such, they are incredibly durably and never go “flat”.

Q: What are the primary wear parts?  A: The auger, and compactor tube. Both are symmetrical and can be rotated to double the component life.  Curb Tec also provides replacement parts; please contact us for a quote on current pricing.

Q: What is the best way to keep the machine clean? A: Spray with a material release product and clean between loads as time permits.

Q: How do I keep the auger from cementing to the auger shaft? A: Use liberal amounts of axle grease on the auger shaft when 1st installing the auger. Then, periodically (every 18 to 20 hours of running) remove the auger and replenish the grease. Also be sure coat the auger plug when installing.

Q: Is the compactor tube symmetrical? A: Yes, Curb Tec provides symmetrical compactor tubes with our machines to help extend their life; to our knowledge no one else in our field came make that claim.  This allows you to greatly extend the life of the compactor tube; when the lower lip of the tube gets thin due to long wear, simply rotate the tube 180 degrees to greatly extend life.

Q: How long does the auger last? A: Working life of an auger is difficult to estimate; as materials, unique applications per user, and other circumstances vary. Average auger life for a 6 x 8 curb is from 4,000 to 6,000 linear feet of curb.

Q: Are custom machine set ups available for special applications?  A: Yes. Please let us review your applications and offer our advisement. This is a free service Curb-Tec provides. We were in the curbing business for over 20 years before the development of the CT 3000, and our experience as professionals in the industry can help you make the right decision in your order.

Q: How big a curb can these machines install? A: From as small as 4 x 2 inches to (our largest to date) 30 x 17 inches.

Q: Can the machine be loaded with material directly from the truck? A: Yes. Each machine boasts the largest hopper in its class so feeding directly from the truck is easy and clean.

Q: How much do these machines cost?  A: Please call us for pricing information. We promise there will be no pressure sales talk…..just the facts.

Q: Are there Curb-Tec, Inc. distributors? A: The North American market is served directly by Curb-Tec, Inc. and we also have specialized distributors in other countries. Curb Tec ships Worldwide.

Q: Where do I buy spare and repair parts? A: Curb-Tec keeps a very large inventory of parts. We will also provide part numbers and descriptions of parts so you may source industry standard parts locally.

Q: Is an owners operation and maintenance manual? A: Yes. A manual is provided with each machine we sell and we will send new manuals to Curb-Tec registered customers.

Q: How can I determine how much linear curb I can install per cubic yard of material? A: We can help. Advise the curb dimensions, or the CurbTec mold part number and we will provide your answer.

Q: Are metric molds available? A: Yes

A: Will Curb-Tec machines install curb over rebar? A: Yes. Please call us to discuss your application.