About Us

 Curb Tec, since 1998 has been the pioneer in the curbing industry with smart design and manufacturing of world class in industry curbing machines. Our designs are based on decades of real world experience in the curbing industry, leading to our game changing machinery, now used by successful contractors, independent construction firms, and state and local municipalities internationally.
Curb Tec brings together the combination of curbing experience and machine design expertise in a way that has helped revolutionize the curbing industry. Our quality constructed and durable individual machines are build to work in the real world, and each regularly see over a decade of continuous hard use in the industry. Long lasting, reliable and dependable, Curb Tec machines are there to work for you.

 The CT-3000 is our flagship machine, and unparalleled in the industry, allowing you to fill directly from the truck, make complex shapes with ease, turn the tightest radius and as a production device has a balance which enables you to fill the trench and extrude the curb in one simple easy step.

 The CT-900 is best in it’s class, with unmatched quality, economy, durability and ease of use.

 Curb Tec also offers job specific customization to machines and components. Our CT-3000 stock machine is able to deliver an extruded curbing up to 13″x13″, but with custom client order machined applications it is available to go over 18″ x 30″ wide and beyond. Contact Us for custom quotes on your machine!