• The most versatile curb profiles in the industry.
  • Curb Tec machines are #1 in ease of use and durability.
  • Long lasting, reliable and dependable since 1998.



CT-3000 When you’re ready for the world’s best in curbing machines. Unmatched quality, production rates and ease of use. The CT-3000 is considered by many the new international standard of quality and speed of production.



The CT-900 Best in class, with unmatched quality, economy, durability and ease of use. Load mud directly from the truck; the C-T900 can handle a slump range up to 1-1/12″.

Featured Video: CT-3000

The CT-3000 is used internationally by those that want the best machine for curbing available. Here’s one of our clients in Poland laying curbing that is fast, and accurate with our flagship machine.

Testimonial: Brock Construction

Testimonial: Brock Construction

“Our quality constructed and durable individual machines regularly  have seen over a decade of continual use in the industry. Long lasting, reliable and dependable, Curb Tec machines are there to work.”